About KIRI

Global warming. Heavy traffic. High fuel cost.

Those are three examples of current problems, which actually can be solved by the Indonesia local public transport. Nevertheles, there are still many people hesitate to use them, mostly because it is less practical than riding a private vehicle. Ironically, tourists from neighbouring countries prefer to use the public transports, as they are cheaper and give a chance to see the city.

KIRI’s role is very simple: you tell us where you are and where to go, and we tell you how, by using angkots. Either you are a tourist or local people who wants to help reduce the problems mentioned before.


Let’s work together with KIRI! Several possible cooperations:

  • Local Government Help us adding new routes from your area into our database, helping your citizens to make use of your public transport more effectively.
  • Event Organizer / Advertiser Publish your event through us for greater exposure to your audience.
  • Others, we are always open for discussion about other cooperation opportunities.

Contact us at hello@kiri.travel, fill in the feedback page, or connect to us in the following social media channel:

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